Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer

Organic Vermicompost

Approx Price: Rs 15 / Kilogram(s) 

Vermicompost is the use of earthworms for composting organic residues. Earthworms can consume practically all kinds of organic matter. Earthworms have the capacity to eat as much matter as their own weight and produce the same amount of manure per day in the form of castings.
It has become imperative to adopt earthworm farming for sustainable agricultural production and for the economic prosperity of the farmers.
Vermicompost offers the following advantages:

  • Can convert 1000 tonnes of moist organic matter into 400 tons of high value compost
  • Castings or excreta of earthworms are rich in nutrients and bacterial and actinomacetes population


The potential benefits include:

  • Reduction of noxious qualities of a wide variety of organic waste, elimination of smell, reduction of harmful microorganisms
  • Production of marketable organic fertilizer
  • Production of aqua life, birds and animal food or even human food by drying earthworms
  • Additional benefit to the farmers
  • Increases soil fertility and bacterial activity in the soil
  • Increases micro grains in the soil and enhances water absorption capacity
  • Helps the plant root get air easily
  • Increases plant resistance to pests, fungus and other deceases

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Kilogram(s)

Vermi Compost Manure

Approx Price: Rs 15 / kilogram 
Everything requires some form of balance and vermicompost contains an abundance of available nutrients providing a perfect mix that is available for long term nutritional needs. This allows plants to feed as needed for weeks and months at a time. Earthworm castings continually release the nutrients best suited for plant growth and production. In contrast, chemical fertilizers are completely unbalanced and usually provide only synthetic nutrients, much of which are quickly lost into the soil with watering. The plants root system can only absorb so much so fast. Chemical fertilizers are most often detrimental to soil microbiology, by-passing and often destroying much of the beneficial microbial and bacterial activity. It is also known to be harmful to earthworms. Earthworms don't like to be sprinkled with chemical fertilizers. They squirm and wriggle in a frantic attempt to rid their skins of adhering particles, which, if left on, would in some cases burn holes in them and dehydrate them. If chemical fertilizer application greatly acidifies the soil, then earthworm population will decline. Many of these synthetic nutrients are also absorbed directly into your plants and food. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in both farms and gardens have become our country s leading cause of water pollution. Vermicompost improves soil aeration because they do not pack together when mixed in soil. This in turn promotes rapid plant growth. Earthworm castings improve the soil s drainage, reducing waterlogged soil and root rot.

Vermicompost Organic Manure

Approx Price: Rs 15 / kilogram 
We are BAZODO ENTERPRISES as the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Organic Vermicompost. This vermicompost is processed under the strict guidance of our adroit professionals using various worms, usually white worms, red wigglers and other earthworms to make a heterogeneous mixture employing the newest technology and techniques. Widely demanded in agricultural industry, our offered vermicompost is a soil conditioner and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer that convert nutrients already present in the soil into plant-available forms.



  • Improves its physical structure
  • Enriches soil with micro-organisms adding enzymes such as phosphates and cellulose
  • Microbial activity in worm castings is 10 to 20 times higher than in the soil and organic matter that the worm ingests
  • Attracts deep-burrowing earthworms already present in the soil
  • Improves water holding capacity

Plant Growth:

  • Enhances germination, plant growth, and crop yield
  • Improves root growth and structure
  • Enriches soil with microorganisms adding plant hormones such as auxins and gibberellic acid

Vermicompost Fertilizer

Approx Price: Rs 15 / kilogram 

Organic Manure Compost

In order to complete the requirements of our customers, we are providing superior quality Organic Manure Compost. This Organic Manure Compost is effective to use and free from contaminations. Also, this Organic Manure Compost is beneficial for in the growth and development of various plants & crops.



  • Worm composting benefits
    • Produces natural organic fertilizer
    • Simple activity that can be done by anyone
    • Minimal cost and requires very little space
    • Good for the environment
    • Fun, safe, and educational experience
    • Rich in micro nutrients
    • Eco friendly
    • Longer shelf life

Garden Mix Compost

Approx Price: Rs 15 / kilogram 

Garden Mix Compost

Manufacturer & Exporter of Garden Mix Compost & Garden Mix Compost Fertilizer. Our product range also comprises of Organic Vermicompost, Coco Peat and Onganic manure and sand.

Garden Mix Compost Fertilizer

Our mix is very simple - just plant; no need to add anything! Make sure to go deeper for perennials and shrubs than you have to for annuals. I always plant in the Garden Mix and then in the future top the beds in the spring with an inch or two of pure organic compost. Compost helps through the dry season for the beds that you are unable to water and rely on Mother Nature.

Containers seem to dry out quickly from the sun and wind so the only way to keep moisture is to add at least half of the container of compost and watch them bloom.

Vermicompost Plant Growth Promoters

Approx Price: Rs 15 / kilogram 

Vermicompost is the product or process of composting using various worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and otherearthworms to create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast. Vermicast, also called worm castings, worm humus or worm manure, is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matterby an earthworm. These castings have been shown to contain reduced levels of contaminants and a higher saturation of nutrients than do organic materials before vermicomposting.

Containing water-soluble nutrients, vermicompost is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.This process of producing vermicompost is called vermicomposting.

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